Cookie Policy

Cookie policy

Our cookie policy page informs you what to expect when we request your personal information that we are devoted to protecting. When you access our website, we collect details of visitor behavioral patterns, number of visitors or log in to the various parts of the App, number of subscribers, etc.

Our website uses cookies made available on your browser and allows you to navigate the website and access various segments available on the website. You can modify your settings to prevent cookies or reject its acceptance.

For full permission to all parts of our website, it is necessary you accept cookies. In this write-up, we have explained cookies, the types of cookies placed on your devices upon visiting our website and how we use them.

What are cookies?

Cookies are little text files that are available and positioned, usually hidden on your computer or technological devices, so that your browser and device's memory can monitor your browsing sessions and store specific personal information for later retrieval.

They are often used to make websites work and improve the usability of those sites. However, certain types of cookies can be disabled, which means you might not be granted full access to Dilmilay. The best way to disable any type of cookie is to disable the acceptance of cookies from any website on your browser.

Also, your device's information may be available to a cookie, such as user settings, browsing history and activities done while you use our services.


What does Dilmilay use cookies for?

·       We use cookies to (but not limited to):

·       Identify your device and remember the dates you are communicating with when navigating several pages on the website.

·       Provide useful statistics and monitor the usage of our website

·       Provide you with services available on our website and grants you access to some of its features like Nakshatra

·       Improve our services and serve you better

·       Remember the type of activity engaged by each user(s) on the website


Managing Cookies

You can set your web browser not to accept cookies, opt-out of advertising cookies or notify you when a cookie is sent to you. However, suppose you reject cookies or make changes to your cookie preferences. In that case, you may not be granted full permission to some or all the contents or activities on our website.


Google Analytics and other Tracking Technology

Dilmilay uses third-party analytics services like Google Analytics and other tracking technologies like web beacons (clear gifs) or tracking URLs to assess our users' use of this website.

A web beacon allows us to recognize when a user visited our service or opened an email sent to them while tracking URLs are customized links that tell us the traffic source to our webpages.

These Google analytics and other tracking technologies allow Dilmilay to track user behaviour on and off the Internet in order to assist you better while surfing our website. You agree to the processing of personal data about you by these analytical providers in the manner and purposes stated out in this Privacy Policy. Visit Google Analytics for more information, including how to opt-out of specific data collection